NFT Sale

There will be a maximum total supply of 3,888 Crazy Rich Apes available to be minted. After the mint, the only way to get your hands on a CRApe is purchase via a Secondary Market such as Alpha Art & Magic Eden.

Sale Date & Time

Pre Sale #1: Phase 1

Pre Sale #2: Phase 1

Public Sale: Phase 1

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Presale #1 - 1.08 SOL

Presale #2 - 1.38 SOL

Public Sale - 1.88 SOL

Total NFT Supply

3,888 NFTs

Required Crypto

Price of NFT in SOL (Solana) + Gas Fees

Secondary Markets

Alpha Art & Magic Eden


Phase 0

Going Public and Live for everyone to meet the Crazy Rich Apes

Phase 1

Minting Time!

Secondary Markets Listing

Rarities Listing

Giveaway 50 SOL to 5 Lucky Minters

Global Marketing Campaign

Phase 2

Development of Poker Lounge & Metaverse

Select a Business Project from our NFT Holders for a funding up to $100k USD

Exclusive Social Events

Merchandise Reveal

Phase 3

Launch of our Crypto Token and Airdrops to NFT Holders

Launch of Poker Lounge

More Social Events

Further Development of the Metaverse

Phase 4

More to come!



Every 6 months, NFT holders are eligible to submit their business proposals along with their funding requests (up to $100k USD) to our team where we will perform due diligence and market research to shortlist 3 projects and allow the CRA community to vote on a final project to invest in (DAO).

Each ownership of an NFT = 1 voting right.

Details of equity and other terms will be discussed with the project leaders after voting. All NFT holders will have a percentage of future profits from the projects.

This will allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to find funding for their upcoming projects or expand their existing businesses. Other members will also have the opportunity to invest.


15% of the Secondary Market royalties received for each month will be fairly redistributed to all long-term holders.

A snapshot of the holders of each NFT will be taken on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC and a second snapshot will be taken on the 28th day of each month at 23:59 UTC.

Holders that held their NFT during both snapshots will be qualified for the royalties which will be paid out on the first day of the following month in SOL.


We will be developing a Poker Lounge which will allow exclusive access to our poker nights for NFT holders.

Special Networking Events will be held in the Metaverse and members will be invited to Exclusive Parties all across the globe throughout the year including Clubbing Events, Poker Nights and Yacht Parties.


The Metaverse is the future and we will be engaging our members with the development of the Metaverse. Future developments will include migrating our poker platform onto the Metaverse and purchase of land.

More on the Metaverse to be announced.


Our mission is to build a successful Worldwide Brand with the help of our marketing campaigns around the World.

We will be revealing our First Edition of CRA Merchandise in Phase 2.


To reward our loyal holders, we will be announcing giveaways from time to time, which includes:

- 5 x 50 SOL giveaway after minting – We will be randomly selecting 5 holders who have minted a Crazy Rich Apes NFT to receive 50 SOL each. 1 mint = 1 entry. Winners will be announced post-mint on our Twitter, Instagram and Discord channel.


Co-Founder & Development Executive
Co-Founder & Brand Executive
Community Manager & Marketing
Blockchain Expert & Developer


Where can I buy a Crazy Rich Ape?

You can mint a Crazy Rich Ape from our website in Phase 1 (Date TBC) during pre sale #1, pre sale #2 or during our public sale. All of our mints will be live at 15:00 UTC.

Post-mint, you can purchase and sell from one of our secondary markets below:

Alpha Art & Magic Eden

Our Crazy Rich Apes NFT is on the Solana Blockchain so you will need to purchase SOL (Solana) first and move the SOL to a supported wallet.

The recommended wallet to use is Phantom.

On the mint day, you will be able to mint from on our website.

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to mint a Crazy Rich Ape:

The total supply of the Crazy Rich Apes collection is 3,888 NFTs.

Each Crazy Rich Ape will cost 1.08 SOL at the pre sale #1.

Each Crazy Rich Ape will cost 1.38 SOL at the pre sale #2.

Each Crazy Rich Ape will cost 1.88 SOL at the public sale.

Our public mint date will be in Phase 1 (Date TBC).

Our pre sale dates are:
Pre Sale #1 will be in Phase 1 (Date TBC).
Pre Sale #2 will be in Phase 1 (Date TBC).

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or join our Discord channel for the latest announcements on our pre-sales and to join our whitelist.

There is a 15% Royalty Fee which will be used for Marketing, Redistribution towards our NFT holders and to support the Development of our Roadmap.

For further information, please see our Roadmap or send us an email: [email protected]

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